Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients
Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients

Certified Organic  Balms With Fairtrade Ingredients

We have carefully chosen the ingredients in our organic balms to provide you with the highest quality product. Enjoy luxuriously smooth and soft skin as well as the therapeutic benefits of the organic essential oils. Here you will find a list of the Mumanu ingredients, their physical properties, indications of their scent and therapeutic qualities.


Base Ingredients

Nourishing You From The Outside In

Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients


Organic Sunflower Seed OilHelianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Cold pressed, organic sunflower oil is rich in Vitamins A, D and E. With high levels of calcium, zinc, iron, potassium and phosphorus it is truly a fantastic food for your skin, promoting new skin cells. Sunflower oil is also high in omega-6 fatty acids, a natural anti-inflammatory which helps reduce redness and rough skin. This oil is safe to use on sensitive skin.
Scent: Almost odourless


Organic & Fairtrade Coconut Oil – Cocos Nusifera Oil

Our cold pressed organic and Fairtrade coconut oil contains vitamin E for smoother, younger looking skin. High in essential fatty acids it has ant-oxidant (anti-aging) properties and is anti-microbial. Coconut oil helps to reduce inflammation and is safe to use on sensitive skin.
Scent: Coconut – like a tropical paradise


Organic Beeswax – Cera Alba

Beeswax helps to seal in moisture without clogging your pores. It has anti-microbial properties and provides a barrier on the skin against environmental damage. It is safe to use on sensitive skin but if you have a bee allergy you will need to consult your doctor before use.
Scent: Faint smell of honey


Mumanu Organic Massage Oil & Body Balm - Shea Moisturiser With Fairtrade Ingredients


Organic Shea Butter – Butyrospermum Parkii Butter

We only use 100% unrefined Organic Shea butter to retain the beneficial properties of this amazing ingredient. It is high in fatty acids helping to moisturise, condition, tone and soothe your skin, perfect for stretchmarks, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, extreme dryness and sunburn. Protecting the skin’s natural oils, Shea Butter also has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness. High in Vitamin A and E, shea butter has anti-oxidant (anti-aging) properties. It is safe to use on sensitive skin.
Scent: Nutty, Earthy


Organic & Fairtrade Cocoa Butter – Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Organic and Fairtrade cocoa butter is high in fatty acids to provide moisture, elasticity and a protective barrier on your skin. It’s safe to use on sensitive skin.
Scent: Like high quality chocolate – divine!


Vitamin E – Tocopherol

Our Vitamin E is produced from organic soy beans. It has strongly moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is safe to use on sensitive skin.
Scent: Odourless


Mumanu Organic Balms Sustainable Skincare Shea Moisturiser


Organic Essential Oils

For Their Beautiful Scent & Therapeutic Effects


Organic Lavender Oil – Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavender has many, many wonderful properties. It’s strongly analgesic making it perfect for helping to relieve headaches, migraines, arthritis and general muscle aches and pains including menstrual cramps. It’s also ideal for those suffering with eczema, insomnia and nausea and helps to instil inner peace and relaxation without feeling drowsy. Lavender oil is safe to use during pregnancy and is very popular during childbirth to help soothe anxieties, relieve pain and lighten the mood. Lavender is recommended for treating cold and flu, bronchitis, throat infections and catarrhal conditions. With antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as promoting scar tissue, Lavender oil is ideal to use in skincare and is effective on all skin types.
Scent: Sweet, Floral, Calming, Herbal, Refreshing
Shop: Lavender Balm  |  Sunshine Balm  |  Baby Decongestant Balm  |  Magic Balm  |  Sensual Balm  |  Decongestant Balm


Mumanu eco friendly skincare


Organic Frankincense Oil – Boswellia Carterii

Analgesic and antispasmodic, Frankincense is ideal for achy muscles. Great for postnatal depression, Frankincense helps relieve anxieties, burnout and tension, as well as helping to slow breathing. Relaxing and revitalising, Frankincense helps with depression, grief, stress-related conditions, restlessness and mental confusion. It helps to keep the mind calm and clear. Famously renowned for it’s anti-wrinkle and skin balancing properties in the cosmetic industry, Frankincense not only helps you feel good on the outside, but also makes you feel calm and comforted on the inside.
Scent: Spicy, Warm, Sweet-Woody, Balsamic
Shop: Frankincense Balm


Organic Tangerine Oil – Citrus Noblis peel oil

Tangerine oil helps to strengthen the digestive system, calming the intestines and helping to relieve flatulence. It is a soothing and sedating oil helping to alleviate insomnia, nervousness, depression and anxiety, emotional shock and grief. Tangerine oil is often recommended during pregnancy to help prevent stretchmarks. If you suffer from acne, congested or oily skin, tangerine comes highly recommended. Tangerine has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Scent: Fresh, Sweet, Orange-like
Shop: Sunshine Balm


Organic Mandarin Oil – Citrus Reticulata leaf oil

Mandarin shares the same properties as Tangerine (tangerine being an evolved version of mandarin). Mandarin helps to promote optimism and joy, alleviating irritability, frustration and emotional instability. With an uplifting and playful energy, Mandarin oil helps dispel dark, negative and morbid feelings, especially guilt and self-depreciation.
Scent: Sweet, Autumnal, Faint Orange-like
Shop: Sunshine Balm


Mumanu Organic Skincare


Organic Palmarosa Oil – Cymbopogon Martinii oil

Palmarosa is calming on the nervous system helping to relieve panic attacks and anxieties, bringing about a state of harmony. It helps to ease eczema, sinusitis, acne and fluid retention. Palmarosa oil is strongly antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal as well as being an insect repellent. If you suffer from digestive disorders and food sensitivities, Palmarosa comes highly recommended. In skincare, Palmarosa is used to help hydrate the skin, balance sebum production and stimulates cellular regeneration and tissue healing. It is recommended for all skin types and is helpful for dry, undernourished skin conditions. Organic Palmarosa is the perfect oil to use instead of the exceedingly expensive organic Rose oil.
Scent: Floral, Sweet, Rose-like (but not as sweet)
Shop: Love Balm  | Lip Balm – Tea Tree & Orange |  Magic Balm  |  Passion Balm  |  Paradise Balm  |  Birth Balm  |  Baby Decongestant Balm  |  Decongestant Balm


Organic Petitgrain Oil – Citrus Aurantium leaf oil

Revitalising, restoring, and balancing, Petitgrain is great for nervous exhaustion, helping to lift the spirit, strengthen self-confidence and promotes optimism. Petitgrain is wonderfully relaxing, helps to ease insomnia and nervous indigestion. In skincare, Petitgrain helps to strengthen the skin, benefits acne and blemishes as well as balancing sebum production. Organic Petitgrain is a perfect replacement for the exceptionally expensive organic Neroli oil.
Scent: Fresh, Floral, Orange Blossom-like, Slightly Woody
Shop: Love Balm


Mumanu Organic Massage & Body Balm Magic


Organic Spearmint Oil – Mentha Spicata herb oil

Spearmint oil has been found to reduce nausea and vomiting, it has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties (inhibits and reduces pathogens). Famous for reducing inflammation, Spearmint also helps to prevent and ease muscle spasms and cramps. The uplifting properties of Spearmint oil help to reduce mental strain, fatigue, stress and depression. Promoting emotional stability and renewal, it’s the ideal oil to revitalise yourself and perfect to rub on your feet each morning. The decongestant properties of Spearmint oil make it ideal for those suffering with colds, sinus issues, catarrhal conditions, respiratory infections and asthma.
Note: Peppermint oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy, but Spearmint oil does not have the same chemical composition. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. There are no known contraindications (health conditions that would need to avoid the oil).
Scent: Fresh, Soft-Minty, Herbal
Shop: Foot Balm  | Lip Balm – SpearmintDecongestant Balm  |  Baby Decongestant Balm  |  Magic Balm


Organic Pine Oil – Pinus Sylvestris leaf oil

Scotch Pine has antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has a decongestant effect on the respiratory system and helps to balance and strengthen the endocrine (hormone) system. Perfect for colds, phlegm, coughing and asthmatic breathing, Scotch Pine is also renowned for strengthening our energy. For those who are feeling physically, emotionally or mentally exhausted, Scotch Pine will help invigorate and restore, improve self-confidence and motivation. It is beneficial for rheumatisms and arthritis as well as muscular aches and pains.
Note: There are many pine trees to produce essential oils from. Pinus Sylvestris (Scotch Pine) is the most useful and safest pine oil.
Scent: Fresh, Sweet, Conifer Forest, Pine-like
Shop: Magic Balm  |  Baby Decongestant Balm  |  Decongestant Balm


Organic & Fairtrade Vanilla – Vanilla Planifolia fruit extract

Note: It is not possible to create an essential oil from Vanilla and there are no therapeutic effects. It’s smell is divine and many people are drawn to it’s familiarity and comforting feeling, reminding us of good times like delicious baking or eating ice cream as a child on a sunny day. Vanilla is considered a digestive aid and an aphrodisiac, especially in women. The organic and Fairtrade Vanilla used in the Mumanu balms is suspended in water and alcohol (derived from organic ingredients). It is then mixed into the base ingredients. You may see small brown vanilla particles in the balm. This is perfectly safe and will blend in with the rest of the balm on contact with your skin.
Scent: Delicious Baking, Old Books, Sweet and Comforting
Shop: Vanilla Balm  | Lip Balm – VanillaSunshine Balm


Mumanu Organic Balms With Fairtrade Vanilla


Organic Tea Tree Oil – Melaleuca Alternifolia 

Tea Tree oil is very well known for it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree helps strengthen the body’s immune system. It’s refreshing smell helps to fight fatigue and and lifts minor depression. In skincare, Tea Tree is recommended for acne, athletes foot, insect bites, burns, blisters and cold sores.
Scent: Warm, spicy
Shop: Lip Balm – Tea Tree & Orange | Hand Balm


Organic (Sweet) Orange Oil – Citrus Sinensis Oil

Sweet Orange oil is an excellent mood lifter, helping relieve anxiety and insomnia, and lift depression. It’s also very beneficial to the digestive system helping to ease cramps, flatulence, constipation and diarrhoea. With anti-microbial properties, Sweet Orange helps to soothe dry, irritated or acne-prone skin. Sweet Orange oil is often used for aging, rough or calloused skin.
Scent: Sweet, fruity, citrus
Shop: Lip Balm – Tea Tree & OrangeHand Balm | Passion Balm


Organic Ylang Ylang Oil – Cananga Odorata Oil

A joyful, passionate oil, Ylang Ylang is famous for its aphrodisiac effects as well as anti-depressant, mood balancing properties. It’s also great for PMS, helping to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. In skincare, Ylang Ylang is great for softening and balancing the moisture in the skin, balancing sebum production. It’s beneficial for dry and oily skin.
Scent: Intensely sweet, floral.
Shop: Passion Balm


Mumanu Organic Massage & Body Balms


Organic Vetivert Oil – Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Oil

Studies have shown that Vetivert oil has beneficial effects on memory, alertness and learning. It helps to relieve stress, insomnia and depression. As a female hormone regulator, it’s a great oil for menopause and PMS. Vetivert oil has been found beneficial for strengthening the body’s connective tissue and for weak, loose or fatigued skin. Use on stretchmarks.
Scent: Musky, smoky, rich, sweet
Shop: Sensual Balm


Organic Patchouli Oil – Pogestemon Cablin Leaf Oil

Patchouli is a soothing, grounding oil with anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It’s also an aphrodisiac, helping to relieve sexual anxiety and promote feelings of connection. Frequently used in skincare, Patchouli oil has regenerative properties, helps oily skin, acne and inflammatory eczema.
Scent: Rich, sweet herbaceous, spicy and woody.
Shop: Sensual Balm


Mumanu Organic Balms with Fairtrade Ingredients

Organic Jasmine Oil – Jasminum Grandiflorum Oil

Jasmine oil brings optimism to all who smell it. This heavenly oil is most famous as an aphrodisiac and anti-depressant. In childbirth Jasmine oil helps to relieve the pain of contractions and speeds up labour. It also helps with the expulsion of the placenta and promotes breastmilk. This beautiful oil can be used during menstruation to help ease cramps and instigate a delayed period. In skincare it’s useful for treating dry and irritated skin.
Scent: Intensely floral, warm, rich, herbaceous
Shop: Paradise Balm | Birth Balm


Organic Clary Sage Oil – Salvia Sclarea Oil

Clary Sage is a euphoric oil, helping to lift depression, insomnia, burnout, PMS, anxiety and tension. It is cited as one of the most important oils for women’s health, supporting menstruation, childbirth and menopause. It’s analgesic action helps relieve period pains and takes the edge off labour contractions. Clary sage is recommended for oily skin and helps prevent excessive sweating.
Scent: Fresh, sweet, fruity, floral, herbaceous.
Shop: Paradise Balm | Birth Balm


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