How To Use The Mumanu Organic Massage Balm & Body Balm Range


Massage Balm

Using Mumanu organic massage and body balms couldn’t be easier. For professional use, decant what you need into a reusable dish and place within arm’s reach. Because of the no drip, no spill formula, you can put the balm on the massage table without worry. If it falls on the floor, it will stay in the dish.

Using one hand, scoop what you need for the area being covered out of the dish, spread onto both hands, and start effleurage (stroking your hands along the skin). Mumanu Organic Massage Balms allow you to keep contact with your client while oiling up, giving a more holistic, flowing massage. 

For home use, you can scoop what you need straight from the container.

Expect to use no more than 10g of balm for a full body massage. We have a video coming soon to show you how much to use for each area of the body.


Shea Moisturiser

To use Mumanu Organic Massage & Body Balms as a shea moisturiser, simply scoop what you need out of the jar. Depending on how big or small you are, expect to use approximately 5g for a full body application. The balm will turn to liquid on your skin and will spread easily. When using the correct amount, the balm will soak in within 5 minutes, leaving you with softer skin.


Facial Moisturiser

The Mumanu Organic Massage & Body Balm range is safe to use on your face. Using a tiny amount (maybe half a pea size), rub around your face and lips for deep moisturisation and healthier looking skin. When you have used the right amount, it will soak in within 5-10 minutes. Do not apply make-up straight after application.


During Pregnancy

Mumanu Organic Balms are safe to use during pregnancy. Designed by a specialist in pregnancy, labour, and postnatal massage, you can rest assured that these products have no contraindications and can be used by anyone, with or without aromatherapy experience. We use a maximum of 1% organic essential oils on the Organic Massage & Body Balm range, giving the highest quality therapeutic aromatherapy massage experience. Use as per the instructions above.

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