Love Is Love!

I recently sent out a newsletter containing a guide to creating a great Valentine’s Day. The first image accompanying the guide was the one above of two men kissing. Chatting with a friend of mine after it had gone out he was surprised to hear I had done this and […]

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Are MUMANU Balms Vegan?

Our balms are vegetarian and do contain beeswax produced by bees. We only use certified organic beeswax which means the bees are looked after under strict animal welfare regulations as laid out by the Soil Association. Here’s a link to their farming standards. Page 183 onwards shows the regulations for […]

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Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

I’ve been asked a few times whether the lactic acid released during massage is safe when you’re pregnant. Does it reach the unborn baby and what are the effects? Usually it’s concerned partners rather than women themselves that ask the question “Is massage safe during pregnancy?” Just recently I’ve been […]

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How To Do Perineal Massage To Prepare For Labour

The main benefits of the perineal massage are psychological. It’s great to get your mind understanding that your body is changing. It’s not the same as it was nine months ago.

At the end of your pregnancy, your body has changed and adapted to open up easily for your baby to be born. What will protect your perieum while giving birth is the position you birth in.

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Get Involved – Fairtrade & The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis has rightly made headlines recently. The sobering new IPCC report states that –  without doubt – serious human-caused climate change is happening now. But for the farmers and workers behind our Fairtrade favourites, this is not news. Three years ago, Ivorian cocoa farmer Ebrottié Tanoh Florentin told us how increasingly extreme […]

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