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Mumanu is a company all about love, kindness and connection, founded and developed by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, a massage therapist with nearly two decades experience. The Mumanu brand has grown to become a haven for those looking for skincare that supports not only their inner and outer beauty, but also the planet, and the people and animals living on it too.

Having suffered with dry, itchy skin since childhood, Samantha understands how difficult it is to buy natural products that really work, not just for a week or two, but for years and years. Having developed the Mumanu organic balm range she uses them daily as part of her skincare routine. Her skin now feels and looks amazing.

After massaging in the UK with liquid oils for four years, Samantha moved to New Zealand and discovered massage balms.

Once you experience the benefits of massage balms you won’t go back to using liquid oils again. They’re so messy! Balms are so much cleaner and quicker to apply during a massage and if you drop the pot it won’t go all over the sheets and floor!” Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, Mumanu Ltd

Now back in the UK, Samantha has developed this beautiful range of organic aromatherapy massage and body balms, with Fairtrade ingredients, for professional or home use. Mumanu organic balms are lovingly handmade from her home in the beautiful county of Somerset.

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